Rimshot sound for jokes

Hi guys…I would like to put a rimshot sound (‘ba dum tss’) on my accent to hit after I tell a joke.

Could you guys tell my where I pull this sound from? The Beatbuddy user manual mentions this functionality and that’s where I got the idea…but I can’t figure out where to pull the sound from.

Thank you so much for your help - Rek

Joke-drum-sound.wav.zip (314.4 KB)

Unzip, and then click on a blank spot for accent hit in a song on your pedal (in BBM) and navigate to the unzipped file. Save the Project. Here, I have it in a “blank” song, that is my song that appears at start-up for my machine.

Blank_Song.sng (315.5 KB)

But, of course, this probably goes against the original intent of the Beat Buddy, and is a “hack,” or something akin to “karaoke.”