Riviera paradise. SRV 2018-07-13 - Multistep version. Standard tuning. StandardPBass

Another great song of SRV. Multistep(mean-intro, jam, outro) and standard tuning version. I tried it with StandardPBass. It works fine. Intro is tricky, because there isn’t any instruments except guitar. The first 4 beats on closed hat is the count in, after comes just 1 and 3 beat and you have play the free part relatively tight. There is no any beat in the last bar of intro, that is the place for characteristic starting riff. So, you have to know pretty well the song intro. The outro is the last main theme and you can going out from the jam, when you want, as far aspossible at the end of the round. Good chance to practice this nice tune of the master Stevie RV.

Download Here


Been working on this all weekend. It’s fighting me but I’m almost there :slight_smile:


Super Recording, reading in excellent “Standard Pro”.

Thank you very much …

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