Road to Hell pt 2 DOP, OPB, OPBk & OPk (Updated)

Chris Rea

Notes: This is an update that now includes piano and organ as well as the original v1 & v2

Recommended kit(s):

  • v1 & v2 NP StdPBass 63-91
  • v4 & v4m (OPk) STAX EPiano & 2119 Organ

Includes: 4 songs, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics

Road to Hell pt 2 (Chris Rea).zip (295.1 KB)


Just got the beatbuddy. I’m amazed what you guys have done here.
Kind request:
Updated version of this song with bass, organ and piano.

Updated, above.

Wow. Excellent. Thank you very much.

Maybe I’ll take some time to learn to make these magical things by myself and this is the first starting point. Maybe a little more rock to the drums and piano to more front and organs little bit more back.
But this is great as is to add my guitar and singing. Make practising much easier.

A week is almost behind with this wonderful ‘drummer’ and much more as it appeared to be.
Could not be happier.
Thanks folks in the forum and of course all singularsound personel :slight_smile:

And that’s the beauty of this system. If you’re comfortable using a DAW to edit MIDI, you can season anything to taste.