Roadblock during midi

So I am using the BB Editor to edit a song. The song is stacked with 6 Main Drum Loops, no drum fills, transition fills or accent hits.
Here’s the question:
How do I make the song file play from one Main Loop to the next without having to hold down the pedal for a transition to the next Main Loop?

I’ve seen other songs before just play till the end of the file/loop and then jump to the next Main Loop or whatever was next.

Main Loops, in BB Manager, do not move on all by themselves. They loop. An intro automatically moves to the first main loop. You would need to string your main loops together, for the number of times you want each to play, and make it into one file. Then it will play as a one press file.

If what you want is to have one section that play a predetermined number of times, and then have a loop section for a jam, what you do is put the pre-jam in as the intro, and then the jam as your main loop. You would still need to trigger an outro to end the song. I think of these jam-type songs as a prejam, which goes into the intro, the jam, which is a main loop, and a post-jam, or coda, which goes into the outro.

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To string the Main Loops together, would I need to copy one loop in the Editor and Paste it into another? I’m sure that is in the ballpark…or not?

Right. You would make one long file stringing them together in your midi editor. I suggest using something other than the built-in midi editor, as it is very cumbersome for that sort of task. Any DAW will do the job easier.

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As always, thank you sir. I’m finally dipping my toe in the Midi Editor Pool. I really hope I can contribute my own song builds down the road.

One more thing. What DAW do you recommend for PC? The midi editor I have will not edit a sng file.

Nothing edits an .sng. Right click on the song part within the .sng in BBManager, and there is an option to export the part as a midi file. Do that. As far as editors go, Audacity has several users on here. There is free version of a Cakewalk or Sonar availability, and it is very good, too.

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Ok good to know. Thanks again.