Rock _Bass-Rhodes_Jake

This kit has been tuned and edited for many of my songs. I’ll denote when it needed.

Thank you Jim

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Why can’t I import this into my song folder? Every other drum kit is in my song folder.

Sometimes this happens when you don’t get a good download. I was able to successfully import and test.

  1. Delete the file you downloaded
  2. Download again
  3. BBM - File - Import - Drum set
  4. in BBM, click Drum sets tab, scroll to bottom of list and check the box next to the drum set name

If you still can’t import,

  • open the Drum sets tab in the BBM and
  • scroll to the bottom of the list,
  • if the drum set is there, highlight it and go to the BBM - Drumsets - Delete Drumset
  • quit the BBM and then relaunch it
  • try the import process again

Thank you for providing the download and doing the front end work. I’m still trying to learn how all this Bass & Keyboard Dum kits work, so we’ll see where it leads me!