Rock Me Baby by Johnny Winter?

Would love to get this as a DOP or a OPB. The sloppier the drums the better. “Wont’cha rock me baby… Like my back ain’t - got no bone!”

I’ll see what I can do with this.

Please give it a review after you try it. Even if its not a glowing review, I appreciate the feedback.

There was no midi for this. It was done from scratch. I got close to the bass part, and you can surely play and sing Johnny’s parts along to this.

Nicely done Phil … no jam section?
any more in the JW catalogue? Cheap Tequila, Hwy 61 ?
I’m of the opinion everyone is using some type of controller for fills & solos on their BB these days.
I’m not that far advanced… I just play them.

It was a request for an Opb. I’ll put a Jam version up.

Great version, both files …thanks :wink: