Rock style drumkit with bass AND electric guitar

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to find a rock style drumkit with bass AND electric guitar in it, to help me out with solos while I perform the rythm or vice versa.
I browsed the entire drumkit section, but couldn’t find anything that suit my needs.
Can anybody help me out with this?


I have several. Search the drum kits under my name. I also have some new ones I’ve made and haven’t posted yet. Look for a link and post later today.

Brit 60’s Tele and Sax

Heisenberg Stat and Hi Organ

STAX Tele and Sitar

STAX Tele and Brass

…and my newest creations, Picked Guitar kits with Organ, EPiano, Strings, and Honky Tonk Piano. I like this guitar for Sweet Home Alabama, and i’ve included that as a demo song.

Look at the kits to se where the guitar is placed. in the Picked kits, its at 100 through 127. The picked guitar is a Chorus/reverb effect, with a quick signal decay. It looks like I did the Tele kits that way, too, but please check.

The Heisenberg kit has the strat at 60 through 99. That’s a mildy distorted strat, mostly crunch.

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Wow!! Greatly appreciated Phil_Flood.
I’m fearly new to this but learning fast, specially because of your posts.
I will download and play with these today.

These are great Phil - man you’re the best!

I might be missing something here, but those links all appear to be dead?

Can you find what you’re looking for in this list?

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Cool, thanks for that - yep a search there found them!

Where can I find this files?
I got error’s

Search by the kit name. They are still there. The links from 2018 are broken.

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Hello Phil,

Found it, Thanks!!