Rock V2.0 & P Bass

Rock V2.0 Drumset with P Bass 62 - 91

(Fixed problem with the Bass notes.)


Nice kit Mdccook… It sounds good, and should prove to be versatile…

Thanks for putting it together…

Skol… :beers:

When Im trying to edit the bass-part in midi-editor, there is only drums. No bass.


Is this still available somewhere? I’d like to have a listen but the DropBox link is dead?

I took to post down to rework the kit just a little. I will repost them later.
Here is the new link to the kit. This the stock Beatbuddy Rock version 2 Drumset with bass notes added.
Rock V2 Bass 62_91 has Bass Guitar notes in the 62 to 91 range.
Rock V2 Bass 2_31 has Bass Guitar notes in the 2_31 range.

Please let me know if these work for you.


Oh you legend @Mdccook. Thank you for this! :+1: :+1: :+1: