Rock with Bass Drumkit

id like to have a Bass like this

Can i do it only with modify the midi beats or do i have to make a new drumki like "Rock with Bass?


Hello aashideacon,
great thank you!!! In the song you made there is a drumkit “Vvintage Ludwig Bass” i dont habe. I coulc not fnd it in the forum.
Can you tell me where i can download it?


You’ll have to talk to @Phil for the Ludwig one… in the meantime you can use my versatile SuperBassG one

wghat does that mean ? “It will sound snappier if you enable Midi Note-Offs”

i found out that the beat is 6/8. How can i edit your file to this beat?

a “note-off” is a midi event that basically says “stop playing this note”. without this, the only way to stop a note is to play a different note. so instead of “dunnnnndunnnndunnnn” (without note offs), you can get “dunt dunt dunnunt”.

i have it set to 12/8, which seems to work pretty well.

i made it to 6/8 and now its perfect!

do i have to do this “note-off” for each note or can i do it for all measures?

your midi editing software will automatically put them in there for you

DOes the Free midi Editor have the Midi Note off capability? I find that some of the songs that I pull off of midi files have a terrible muddy sound.
2 more questions Please…

How do I, (or can I) ad velocity or volume to the drums with the Free Midi Editor? I see notations on the bottom of the grid for slides etc.

And… What is the range for the bass in the BB in your bass kits? is it 60. High Bongo C to -----------------?? Are all drum kits set up with the same bass note range?


Somewhere in there should be a way to edit the velocity. I don’t know that editor you are using.

The bass notes go from midi notes 64 through 88, and constitute the first two octaves of a standard bass E to E. We’ve adopted that as a standard for all “with bass” kits.

this may be what you’re looking for Jim
[SIZE=6]MIDI Map for BB Drum sets[/SIZE]

Yes it is. Thanks!

Ok I give, Trying to download this and get a Oops page. Same with the midi editor. I see they had a crash and things never got put back in the proper places but for all these add on’s is there somewhere else they are posted?