Rock with bass help Studio One

I found Rude by Magic midi and using studio one I exported the drum and bass midi (after raising 2 octaves) and it sounds nothing like it.

Can someone help? Doesn’t Studio transfer work well with beat buddy?


Can you post the midi file here.


You can download from here:-

Any problems with link I can attach file here if needed.


I find when using midi’s like that found on the web some will be good and others will be way off. Generally the bass lines are good but the drums might need some editing. You will have to delete all tracks leaving just the bass and drum tracks and then cut these up into parts to work with beatbuddy like verse, chorus, bridge etc and make it work in beatbuddy. There is a 500 note limit in Beatbuddy manager at the moment so parts can’t be to long. Give this a try and if you are having trouble still post some of the cut up midi files and I will check them out.

It’s a bit of a learning curve to get this to work with the beatbuddy but once you manage to get one done it gets alot easier.

Hi thanks,
I did delete all other tracks and left bass and drums only. Just was way off the midi playback when played through BB.

I’ll upload the intro spliced for BeatBuddy tomorrow when I’m at my computer.

Here is the intro. Thanks

Just gonna go through and edit the intro to give you a bit of an Idea of what I do. Editing the first fill into where the full drums start there are midi notes up at E4 and F4 which are high hats in the drum editor which if put into rock with bass song will sound bass notes in E and F. Delete these notes not needed.

More to come.

Great thanks. This is what I need. Hopefully I’ll know what I’m doing soon then :slight_smile:

Same in the next part there are notes in the drum midi which are where the bass notes will end up delete these or they will totally mess up the bass line.

What I do is download a drum cover off you tube and use that to see whats going on with the beat and then edit the drum midi so it is similar. How accurate it will be depends on how much time you put into it. This is the one I used.

Pretty much I just sort out the high hat’s, bass drum and snare first then any crashes or fills later. There are rim shots which don’t need to be there. The bass drum and snares need editing. All the notes were slightly off beat as well not sure if this was on purpose.

I have 3 files here. The first is the midi you posted as is just shortened to start at the fill into the full drums. The second is with the drums edited and the third is with the bass edited to add off notes when you want the bass to stop before the next note.

Load these into beatbuddy manager and see how different they sound. Make sure you have the rock with bass drumkit selected and the speed about 135 - 140.

Hope these can help you. I find the drums in the free midi need a fair bit of editing to get them right sometimes

Thanks for this I really appreciate it.