Rock with Bass Quieter Versions

Due to requirements of playing gigs where the volume needs to be low I have edited the “Rock with Bass” kit to get a quieter sound but not by just lowering the volume of the instruments but by editing the ranges of the instrument samples.

Eg for a hard snare hit programmed in the song midi with the normal kit you will get the hard snare sound but with the quieter kits you will get the sound of the snare hit with a lower velocity so it will have less snap. The other way to achieve this would have been to change the velocities of the midi files using a midi editor for every song.


Rock with Bass Quiet
Rock with Bass Super Quiet
Rock with Bass Mega Quiet

I have tried to lower the volume on the bass by using the velocity control on the Midi editor, but there is, (as I understand it) only one file for the bass waves and there is only so much space available for expansion. I haven’t jumped into the drum with bass building yet. I keep looking for some new kits with different bass. Maybe a mellower, finger style sound.