Rock with drum left bass right

Rock with Drum Left Bass Right

Using the “Rock with Bass” I have split the drums and bass up into left and right channels to allow you to take each separately into a PA or amp and control the volumes individually. The new samples ended up larger file size than the old samples taking it over 100mb so I ditched the Tom 1 and ride 2 which I don’t use.

Here is the method I used copied from another thread if anyone else is looking to do the same to other kits.

First off I would make a copy of the drumset in the drumset workspace in BB Manager so you end up with say a “Rock with Bass” and a “Rock with Bass(1)” Say. You can change the name of the kit. Import a copy of your drumkit if your not sure about doing this maybe follow one of Psalms instructionals. Open up the “Rock with Bass(1)” kit for editing. When it comes up with all the samples click on one of the browse boxes next to any sample a to get the location of the folder where all the samples are located. Locate this location in file manager. Mine was

C:\Users\Stuart\Documents\Singular Sound\BeatBuddy Manager\default_lib\drum_sets\Brushes_with_Bass\62-D\Rock_with_Bass Left Right_WAVES I think it was there because I saved something here before. Yours might be different.

Then you can start converting the samples to either left or right.
Open up or Audacity or if you don’t have it download it. Every muso should have this program IMO. Under file and open find the folder your samples are located in and start from the top. This procedure to be repeated for every sample.
Open the sample it will be in stereo. In the top drop down menu select “tracks” - “stereo to mono”. This will create a mono file and then on the track on the left hand side slide the L R balance slider to either left or right depending on which you want to make the drums and which the bass. Then under file “Export audio” and save back to original file. If you were to open this file again you will get a stereo track but only one side will have the WAV and the other side will be flat.
When Exporting audio file be carefull to make sure you save it back to the right file.

Now just do this for every file. It won’t take long. You have done the hard work to this point.

Once you have done all the samples it is finished and you should probably save the drumset in Manager (and share with the rest of us :wink: ).

Thanks for this Guitar Stu.