Rockabilly backing track in G (12 bar blues)


Here a drum and bass backing track (12 bar blues)
Chords G/G/G/G/C/C/G/G/D/D/G/G
file with turnaround G/G/G/G/C/C/G/G/D/C/G/G

I use the kit brushes with Bass (1.3 KB) (1.3 KB)

Drumkit in this link
brushes with Bass

Have FUN!!!

If you have not modified the Brushes with Bass.drm drum set, recommend that instead of uploading it here, that you post a link for that drum set, located here: Dropbox - Brushes with Bass.DRM - Simplify your life

No I have not modified the drumkit. What is the advantage of doing it via dropbox instead of in the post.
I have updated the post for you.

It avoids posting the same file twice in two different locations and taking up additional storage space.

Thanks for removing the file and replacing it with the link.