Rockabilly bass and drum in BB problem


I have made a drum en bass midi file to download in de beat buddy.
But no matter what semitone i try i get either no drum sound or no bass.
What am I doing wrong?
Hereby the separate midi file and the audio file as I hear it in Logic Pro (and would also like to hear it on the BeatBuddy)
Rockabilly In G - Basic (574.7 KB)
Rockabilly In G - (786 Bytes)
Rockabilly In G - (717 Bytes)

I use the ​drumkit Motown Stevie Funk kit from PhilFlood

Several issues noted:

  • Bass notes were too high and they have to be lowered in order for the BeatBuddy (BB) to play them as bass notes.
  • Once lowered to fit the BB bass range, the bass notes velocity was so high that it would drown out the drums
  • The two MIDI regions might not have been joined so the BB could sound both drums and bass

In the zip file I attached are the edited bass and drums notes in a Logic Pro X project; each MIDI region exported separately and then joined; the BB beat with separate loops for the bass, drums and joined MIDI files. I used the SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 kit instead of the Motown Stevie Funk because it used the Conga instead of the Splash. If the Conga is what you wanted, you can use that kit instead. (231.1 KB)

Nice to see that you’re trying to work up your own beats!

Thanks, I will try them.
So the velocity was to loud.
How do you know if the velocity is not to high?
Is there a best velocity range for drum, bass, guitar?
I can export both midi file seperate, but how do I join them together outside Logic Pro?
And I’ve Want to use the brushes and bass drum kit, how do I know the range (C0 to C7) to put the drum and bass in?

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When load the joint file in the BB with the //sub-/std /pro PL Bass 0-31 kit there are some notes missing when I hit play.

Usually when it drowns out the drums and they cannot be heard. This can also happen if you don’t have the drums region joined with the bass region and try to play it in the BBM or the BB pedal—only one of the two will sound.

I think the velocity level is different for every user’s taste. I tend to work from MIDI source file and don’t create my own beats so I pretty much use the velocity on the drums “as is.” The one exception is for the cymbals and I cut their velocities down by about half. if velocity is 80, I change it to 50. I think Phil_Flood also has his own method that he follows for managing velocity.

Just my opinion, but I think it’s better to join them within Logic Pro X by selecting both MIDI regions and pressing CMD-J. I don’t know of any way outside of a DAW (digital audio workstation).

If this is one of Phil_Flood’s kits, he includes a file that details the MIDI locations for the drums and the bass. If it’s not one of his kits, you can select the Brushes with Bass kit in a song within the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and open the BBM’s MIDI Editor to find the MIDI locations. Make a screen shot so you have a reference.

Not sure I can help you with this. Which notes are missing or not playing?

I think it’s the D3 note from the bass pattern over the D chord.

This was not a kit that I made. The bass in the kit is only 2 octaves plus 1 note, ranging from E1 at 64 to E3 at 88.

The rest of the kit is:
36 Kick
37 Cross Sticks
38 Snare
39 Handclaps
42 Hi-Hats Closed
43- Tom 4
44 Foot Hi Hat
45 Tom 3
46 Hi-Hat Open
48 Tom 2
49 Crash 1
50 Tom 1
51 Ride
53 Ride Bell

All the bass notes that are in the kit play. There is a distinct tone difference between the C# at 73 and the D at 74. This brighter tone continues for the higher notes in the kit.


One thing I forgot yesterday, the bass notes are in a choke group, meaning that they will not allow more than one bass note to play at a time.

Oké, thanks. That’s useful information