Rod Stewart: Reason to Believe, Maggie May

Anyone found a kit or beats that work well like the sound of the drums on the original recording?

Here you go, they’re rather plain but the original recordings weren’t loaded with fills or changes anyway :slight_smile: I find that the brushes kit is actually closest to a lot of the 60’s and 70’s sounds, I think drummers used a slightly looser snare tuning plus the recording equipment was different. Sometimes you have to go low-fidelity if you want to recreate the older sounds.

Thanks Charles! You have posted some great songs. Yes your comment about the looser sound of the drums then is exactly what I was hearing too.

I swear it sounds like Ringo draped a towel over the snare head for some songs, as the sound is so dark, all thud and no snap.

How come I can’t download the Maggie May.sng? Has it been removed?

I don’t think it’s been removed. This one that Phil did and reposted.

Check this folder, I’m pretty sure it’s there.

Hi guys, just picked up my Beatbuddy today, and wanted to practice with Maggie May !!
So can you recommend a Beat, Kit and BPM ??
" Thank You" in advance, Regards,
Andy from England.

Hey Andy,

Look one message up. :grinning: Once you download the folder, from with BB Manager, go to File>Import>Folder.

Hi Phil, I have tried to down load the folder but " Safari " won’t open it on my Mac ???

Did it download? If so, you don’t want to open it. Just use BB manager with file import folder. All the songs in the folder then appear in BB manager. I jst verified that the folder does download properly on Mac.