Roland FC 200 as midi controller

Anyone has experience with Roland fc 200 midi foot controller? I have a chance to buy cheap
one, second hand, but I’m still not sure can it control BeatBuddy in the same way like
Behringer fcb 1010 for example, or other foot controllers described in earlier threads.
I would use it in live gigs to change folders/songs when stopped, to change volume,
tempo when play, etc, etc.
Thanks for answers.

The FC 200 is quite versatile. You will, of course, need to go through its manual to see how to set up your midi sends, but it can definitely control the BB. I found the Roland midi board much easier to program than the Fcb 1010. As a matter of fact, were it not for third party pre-progammed chips, I might have given up on the 1010. The Rolands, while they will take some time to set up, are fairly easy to program and test. I currently own a FC-300 and I use to have a 200. I also have a FCB 1010, which I use only for controlling my Adrenalinn III.

Thanks for answer, so, I’ll try with FC 200. I’m little bit concerned about dimensions, because it’s big. I always play
live gigs (in acoustic guitar duo) sitting on high chair and using TC Voicelive 3 and BeatBuddy, so it will be wide area
to cover with feet when I add FC 200 :slight_smile: It will need some practice, but I’ll try and later I will report about results.

Good luck with it! I agree that the downside to the FC 200 is its size, but you would have the same size issue with the 1010.

Yesterday I tried FC-200 with BeatBuddy and then I discovered FC 200 is not able to send CC messages above 95 (it’s
written in the manual) - and BeatBuddy use numbers over 100. Maybe I misunderstand something, because I’m not
experienced with MIDI. I took a look at FC 300 manual, and this device has no such a limitation. Is it possible to solve this problem?
I know I can use additional device like iConnectivity Mio2 to remap anything, but it’s too complicated for live gigs.

I don’t think you’re missing anything. I guess that’s a mistake on my part. I had an FC-200 LONG before I had a Beat Buddy, and I was recalling how easy it was to program. I was not aware of its CC limitations. On a positive note, that Mio2 looks real intriguing. That would fit on my big board where I have the Adrenalinn and an FCB 1010. It could help some of the convoluted routing I have to use with a BB, Infinity looper, and the Adrenalinn.

Thanks a lot for your answer, Phil. I should took a look to this FC 200 earlier, to read the manual, but ok, it was very cheap. Now I can also think about this Mio2, it looks interesting. Or maybe - I read on this forum something about dedicated BB midi foot controller - to wait, but I don’t know is it close to completion or is it just idea for future? Maybe someone from Singular Sound can give us some information? I also think about Softstep2, but with midi expander it’s more expensive than BeatBuddy. Uh, lot of possibilities, and more and more cables on the small stage :slight_smile: