Roland SPD-30 Octapad & Beat Buddy

Has anyone connected the Roland SPD-30 Octapad & Beat Buddy together?
I purchased the Beat Buddy for my guitar but got so interested in the beats that I made and started playing the Cajon and a few other percussion instruments. Whilst searching the web I came across the wonderful Roland SPD-30 Octobox. My wife decided to buy one for me for Christmas so I wonder if I can use the two together?
I am not a drummer but would love to play along to the beats from my Beat Buddy.
Any help or advise would be very much appreciated guys.

Depends on what your trying to achieve?
I think, you will be able to use BBs drum sounds with Octapad(per Midi Notes), and probably vice versae, so just playing to the Beats will probably work ( be aware you can also get your Octapads output into BBs Instrument Input, and output of BB connecting to your PA,Amp or even Headphone, so no need of any Midi), but you will not be able to play beats on Octapad and “loop” them with BB…


Thanks Dennis, the Octapad arrived last night and is truly Awesome. Will try playing along to the BB at weekend. Many thanks for you quick reply.

I think if you connect the octapad midi out into the beatbuddy, you can “play” the amazing beatbuddy kits using the octapad as triggers. This is an amazing setup because sadly the octapad doesn’t have many good regular kits, even though it has a gazillion different sounds.

I have recorded stuff with the spd-30, (and previously the spd-20) and the results were ok, but not spectacular. I’m looking forward to having some time to play with using the spd-30 (which you can “play” like a regular kit, if you have the external triggers).