Roll You Own kits

These files contains a collection of .wav files that are ready to use to build BB kits. They all have bass and drums. There are some different bass and drum sets between the 3 collections. Each one then also features a keyboard-type: synth, e-piano, or Hammond Organ. Use as you wish. As the files are all wav files, you can use them construct a drum kit from scratch, or you could use then as accent hits, if you choose to do so.

06-22-2020 - Fixed broken links.

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hey Phil my man, would you be willing to reupload the two that give 404s now, if possible please? :slight_smile:

btw, since I already feel like I know ya after, well – barely slept since i got my pedal Saturday lol, but I’ve just been digging through the forum and every possible website i can find with Google scrounging for free elements to build my own songs with, i’ve barely even used the thing yet! :stuck_out_tongue: which is probably absurd to a lot of people but i feel like you get it lol. (btw, it was the recent firmware update that enabled time signature changes inside a song that finally got me to pull the trigger on BB, prior to that it was a no deal for me)

i’m going to try to keep it all as organized as possible so I can pay it all back.
i’ll reupload it once i get it all cleaned up and in an easier to use format for people that aren’t as quick of learners as me when it comes to tech stuff.

I’ll have to try something in the pedal with the signature
changes. I think I have a metal song that’s 7/4 and 4/4 that I worked on with my son and one of his old bands.

[quote=“Phil_Flood, post:3, topic:11787, full:true”]I think I have a metal song that’s 7/4 and 4/4 that I worked on with my son and one of his old bands.

a 6/8 intro for the first section then back and forth between those two as the main sections would actually be perfect for one of my tracks, thank you man :slight_smile:

and oh yeah, i can even show it to you… been a really long time since i even thought about this old BandCamp page of mine, almost didn’t even remember that i have it recorded and uploaded there with just guitar:

that’s a single guitar track with a Behringer DD-300 with the feedback knob all the way down for just a single slapback. (i mention because a lot of people ask if it’s doubletracked) i usually do more complicated delays, i’ll get around to sharing those in the introduction post i keep mentioning and neglecting to make (figure it’s appropriate since i’m planning on being pretty involved :slight_smile: ), but needless to say one of my next pedal is going to be a delay with a MIDI Clock sync function now that i’ve got the BeatBuddy as a badass master

I think there is a problem with the links again. I just get a blank page when I try to follow the link.

Links are working on my end.

worked for me. Thanks Phil.