Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil with Bass 2018.03.09 - Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil with Bass

This song is a mixture of the original beat thanks to Charles Spencer and also a rock version.

The song will start with the original beat, trigger fill to play chorus.

Transition with a two bar transition at the end of a chorus to enter a rock beat with also a fill for the chorus.

To be used with a specific hybrid drum kit based on the Rock with Bass kit featuring the required instruments from the latin kit. Will also require the kit with no bass if you wish to play with out the bassline.

SFTD Rock with Bass


Download Here


HI Stu. I downloaded the song but cannot find the SFTD drum kit to accommodate the song. Would you please direct me in the right direction. Thanks for the song!


This song plays well with the “Rock with Bass.drm” kit.

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Yes but its missing all the juicy percussion. I used to have the kit but lost it after an unfortunate accident with my laptop. I’m just starting from fresh again .

thanks for the suggestion

ah okay, in this case i would also be very interested in the kit you lost

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I have copies of the .drm files from the old forum that I can share, but Guitar_Stu gets the credit for making the kit… It’s a great kit, and it makes a big difference for the song…




See post above…

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Yey! thanks alot . It really does make a differrence !
Thank you.

Thank you, the song is amazing with this kit

Would someone have a good version of Honky Tonk Women of the same quality as this version of SFTD, would that be great?