Roses are Red (DOP, OPB, OPK, OPBs, OPBks in F) 2017-12-18 - 60's Oldie - Bobby Vinton

Continuing on with these schmaltzy oldies, Bobby Vinton.

Uses the NP Jazz Trio Brushes and Korg Strings. For the OPBs use the NP Jazz Trio Brushes and Softer Strings.

No bass version is the OPK.

Includes 5 sng files, and 5 midi parts, my self-created source midi, and chord and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

One of our members, who now has not been in touch with me for several weeks gave me his set list. I thought we had quite a few of these done, but, as it turns out, we did not. At first, I thought this would be too much to do, but as I work through it, I do learn quite a bit, and I’ve realized what a great set-list this is for a number of gigs. Obviously geared to an older crowd, but I think it’s a good working musician set list. So, I’ll be continuing on with it. There are some livelier up-tempo things coming up.

Download Here