Routing options for .WAV click backing track?

Hey Guys,
Just a quick question. I am using the Aeros Looper partly to import some backing tracks for live use. I can import all the parts fine, correct settings etc. but is it possible to send the click part to lets say an Aux Out to then go to IEM’s? Obviously I don’t want to hear the click in the main mix, but I am not sure if it can be done as of yet? Like for example, on a 6x6 track, after importing a click and a few other WAV tracks, is there or could there be an option implemented to route certain tracks to a different output (Aux Out)? Apologies if this question is confusing but I appreciate any help.
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Hi there,

Basically, the Aeros cannot route individual tracks to individual inputs

All of the loops are combined into a stereo signal and sent to both sets of outputs (given the outputs have loop playback enabled)

Unfortunately, the only way to route the click is by having the Aeros internal click on but this is not much help to you now since backing tracks only work on freeform songs.

We are working on expanding the importing feature to support quantized mode, so what you’re asking for is not impossible and may work relatively soon, just you would have to use the Aeros click and route that to the IEMs.

Thanks for the question!

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Thanks for response Brennan, appreciate it.

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My pleasure!

Damn:( I guess that answers my question. I couldn’t figure out why when I loaded a drum backing track, the signal was sent to both outputs. And to make it worse every additional loop track was also sent to both amps. Killing my stereo setup.

Sorry to hear this! If you can afford to use the two signals in mono you can achieve this by recording and playing back on the Aeros in stereo, this way the L and R channels are fully separated and do not bleed into the wrong amp

The Aeros cannot support two fully separated stereo audio streams, unfortunately.

Thanks for the feedback!