Routing question, again

BB to Aeros via midi.
Electric guitar into Aeros out to guitar amp.
2 track.

I play/record a verse, second part play/record a chorus.

Then play a lead over the recorded guitar verse or chorus.
This all goes through the guitar amp.

Is there a way to keep the clean rhythm looped guitar amp tone to play over and then change the guitar tone to a lead type tone in the amp? It is a modeling amp. Easily switchable. Now the loop tone changes too, of course.

Aux out on the Aeros to the pa or something?

So if you record a rhythm loop with a glassy clean tone and get that playing, and then switch your guitar tone to a massive distorted in-your-face metal lead tone (using those as examples so they’re different), the already recorded and playing glassy clean loop changes to the massive distorted tone? Pretty sure my Aeros doesn’t do that, but it’s been a while since I’ve made a loop and then a second loop where the tones were dramatically different on the same song.

EDIT: Are you playing the Aeros “sound” through your guitar amp? Yeah, that would be your problem. I run my modeling amp into the Aeros (so the tone being recorded can change), but the Aeros sound goes out to my audio interface and monitors, so the amp doesn’t “color” the tone at that point.

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Yes, when I change the tone on the amp the loop from the Aeros changes too because I am going from the Aeros into the amp.
My amp, Positive Grid Spark 40 (which is pretty cool) doesn’t have a direct out.
I can mic it though, and that would take care of the problem.
I am checking to see if I can route the Aeros loop out an aux or something and still have the throughput to the amp.

Thanks for the reply and Happy Holidays!

My problem solved.

Again I have no direct out on my guitar amp, so, …

I mic the amp and plug the xlr cord into a balanced to unbalanced transformer, and then …
Because the Aeros ins and outs are not balanced, ie. ts and not trs, I use a 1/4 inch regular “guitar” cable to plug into the Aeros in and another unbalanced 1/4 cord out to a pa channel. It actually sounds pretty good with no significant hum. That is, No ground loop yet.

So now when I play a gig I can loop with acoustic guitar in the Left Aeros channel and my electric guitar in the Right Aeros channel.

I could even use the mic to loop vocals, etc.

Cool beans.