Routing Questions with Guitar and Bass Send/Returns

I am thinking of getting the looper. I still am unsure if it supports my use-case.

I want to record bass and guitar with the looper via the send from the guitar and the bass preamp and
then feed it back to the poweramp section of its dedicated amplifier.

My question would be: Can I “pin” the input and the output. This means the guitar would always go over the main out and the bass would always go over the aux out. I believe the Boss RC-600 has this feature.

I want to avoid that the bass is played via the guitar amp or vice versa. To mix the loops for a master out could be useful but is not needed right now. Can I keep the separation of the instruments or do I need 2 loopers (or the Boss).
Thanks for your time.

If I understand your post correctly, the answer is I think so. I am 95% certain you can route the Main In (guitar) to the Main Out and send that somewhere, and then route the Aux in (bass) to the Aux out and send that somewhere else. I think that’s what you’re asking and I believe that would work, but hopefully a routing expert can chime in.

Thanks for your answer and time. Maybe Ill try to explain it different to make myself clear:

  1. I want to loop the bass. So I would use the Preamp section of my bass amp (send) and send it to the Looper and would take the output of the looper into the power amp input (return).

  2. I would do the same with the guitar with the guitar amp. just bring the looper in the send and return between the preamp and the poweramp.

So my question would be can the Loops stay seperated or do I always get a mixed output? The guitar should always stay at the guitar side and the bass always at the bass side.


Hey there, are the signals you are sending to the Aeros mono? If so you could accomplish this by recording and playing back in stereo, this will separate all audio on L from audio on the R

This is not possible if using stereo signal however, although the aux and main in are routable, there is only one stereo downmix of all 4 inputs which becomes the stereo loop playback signal.

The Aeros does not have the ability to assign inputs to specific tracks

Hi Brennan,
thanks for the answer. Since you have a graphic interface and an update system. Is this likely to be a feature in an upcoming release? Do you have a public roadmap?
Thanks for your time!

Unfortunately, this is a hardware limitation and will not be improved upon in the Aeros

Thanks for the question!

Just curious, Brennan. With mono recording, can I send my Main input to go Main output connected to one speaker cabinet (cab 1), and my Aux input to go Aux output connected to a different speaker cabinet (cab 2)? So essentially I can hear one part of the recorded loop through cab 1 and one part through cab 2? Or is that not how the loop output works? Thanks!!

I’m not sure I understand the use case, but I’m leaning towards saying you will be better off setting recording to stereo and recording both signals L and R and sending one signal to amp 1, lets say L signal, and R signal to amp 2

If the reason you want this is because you do not want the aux input to be recorded, I would ask why you don’t just plug directly into the amp and avoid going into Aeros.

Let me know!

Yeah, I have no use case for this or even know why someone would do this, but I wanted to ask for the knowledge. :slight_smile: I have my Aeros setup with everything being recorded through Main In (R+L) and routed to my studio monitors via Main out (R+L). I do have a percussion pad connected to Aux in so I can layer some percussive sounds, but nothing is connected to Aux out. I was really asking for the OP. :wink:


In essence, using the aux in and main in will not help for separation of signals once recorded to the loop playback, since the loop playback is not a multitrack but a stereo audio stream.

Thanks for the question!