Roy Orbison - You Got It DOP

If someone has the time and inclination to tackle this it would be greatly appreciated. The attached midi file is solid on the drums. Hopefully it simplifies the conversion to a BeatBuddy usable format.

So grateful to all of you who take the time to contribute, fulfill these requests and take up the slack for those of us lacking in technical expertise.

Any chance of someone’s reconsideration of taking this one on? Anyone?

If not, may I politely ask why not. Bad file? Too much work? Don’t like the song? Just curious.

Thanks to all of you who contribute and fulfill these requests.

Kind of surprised that none of the usual suspects jumped on this. It was really nice of you to provide a source file—I’ll take a look at this.

I’ll work up the OPB, OPBk, and OPBk(strings) and post to Resources later but here’s the DOP; uses the NP StdPBass 63-91 kit. I used this kit because I did not want to change the snare rimshot to snare center for any of the default kits. Although you can use the Standard Pro kit, the electronic snare just sounds too artificial for this song.

Would love to have somehow worked in the timpani because it really adds to the flavor of this song. One of these days real soon now . . . . :cool:

I appreciate your taking this on and spending the time to do the best job you can, as you do on all of your offerings. I concur with your observations and am anticipating more great work when you get around to posting it.

Thank You