Runaround (opb + harmonica) 2018-02-20 - blues traveler

With apologies to Mike OC, who posted his version just as I was wrapping up mine …

This uses Phil Flood’s STAX Piano and Harmonica kit, with a few modifications…

In the zip are three sound clips . To get the full range of percussion, you’ll have to do the following to the kit …

Instrument 57 rename to MUTE HI CONGA and insert 62-2.wav

Instrument 58 rename to OPEN HI CONGA an insert 63-2.wav

Instrument 59 rename to LOW CONGA and insert 64.2 wave

One thing thts missing from the cheat…at the end of each riff, after your last D strum, add a hammer on to make it a quick Dsus2 … just as in the recording.

Thats it!

The .sng has all of the harmonica parts in it.

Download Here