Running the Beatbuddy on Peavey Vypyr 15 watt

I usually plug the BB to this amp
however,I found it confusing that I need to switch it to the clean channel to get the right drum sound
if I switch it to the distorition mode,the drum sound will also be affected
so is it possible to play in the distortion mode without affecting the drum sound?

Only if you use a separate amp (or, even better, a full scale stereo system) for BeatBuddy.
This is actually well covered in the manual.

It does sound like a number of users are not reading the manual or doing basic research before deciding to get a BB. I would never spend this amount of money on a device without knowing exactly what I was getting and what it could and couldn’t do.

The way I do it is with a UX2 and/or HD500. When I use the UX2 alone I run the Beat Buddy into Line 1 and my guitar into line 2 and use an unaffected channel for the BB. When I use the HD500 I run left and right outs into the BB and out into the UX2 and out the UX2 to 2 Guitar Amps set to a clean or unaffected channel and do my mixing with GearBox and HD500 Edit then record with Ableton while I can monitor live with the amps. I know a guitar amp isn’t the best for a drum machine but the way I’m doing it sounds pretty good.and it’s convenient for me. I’m very impressed with how the Beat Buddy performs this way.