Hello fellow Beatbuddy members!
I’d like to request anything from RUSH, prefer older tunes which I think would be easier to create?
Or would it be to hard to do?

The tricky part with Rush songs is that I don’t think the beatbuddy can change tempos in the middle of a song. I’ve made a bunch of them but haven’t posted them.

I figured there music from Permanent Waves and later would be complicated or next to impossible due to Neil Perts skill level. But I thought there earlier stuff like their first second and even third album wouldn’t be bad.

There is a 500 note limit for each midi part now, but that is going away. Once the new release comes out, I will be posting tons of stuff :slight_smile:

I don’t really know much about MIDI, butI assume certain bands like RUSH go over that limit?

Yeah with the complicated arrangements rush has, it’s difficult to find loopable parts within the 500 note limit, especially as busy as peart and lee are.

Thanks “aashideacon”

Hi new member here and a BIG Rush / Prog Rock fan.
Looking forward to getting my Beat Buddy and having fun with all things Rush and Prog Rock as well as anything smooth jazz related. I love it all.