Safe to move/edit .mid or .wav files?

After editing a song in BB Manager, I wonder what’s actually embedded in the .bbs songfile. Basically, I’d like to organize my .mid files into other folders but if the .bbs file is pointing to them, bad things could happen? Or if I edit a .mid file (or a .wav file), what do I have to do (if anything) to have the songs that use those files recognize the change? Is everything all included into the project .bbp when I synchronize?

An .sng File contains its midi components and any wav files that were accents in the .sng. That’s how we can export and share them. You get all the components, not just pointers to the creator’s resources. A .drm file contains all of the drumkit’s waves, but Beat Buddy Manager does create folders containing these waves in locations known only to it. Those cannot be moved around without doing damage to the drumkit file (.drm). While we can share .drm files with one another, once we install the .drm we can’t move the files that the .drm creates.

Great, thanks for the reply. So that means I CAN reorganize my .mid source files with a file explorer. So if I edit a .mid file (and place it wherever), how do I “refresh” the .sng files that use it?

I was puzzled because examining the .sng file showed strings like “E:/Audio-more/Clients/Beat Buddy/BEATS FOR SALE/MIDI LOOPS/JAZZ BRUSHES/Jazz Brushes Med Swing beat 1.mid”. I wondered why it would keep the original path (from the author) there. Also, a hex dump of a .mid file looks like nothing in a dump of a .sng file. Somehow it’s recoded?

I apologize in advance for anyone that thinks I’m being anal or spying from a competitor. I’m just a curious programmer that likes to know how things work to make them easier to understand and use. Also, I’m writing a windows touchscreen based controller just for BB since it’s tricky to use along with all my keyboards pedals. When I clean it up a bit more, I’ll post it in the forum for others to check out.

Pretty simply, actually. Click on the section of the song in the BBM that you want to refresh and navigate to the location of the edited .mid file and either click Open or double-click the .mid file.[ATTACH=full]9306[/ATTACH]

To finish Persist’s comment: Then, File>Save Project. That gets the new midi locked into the .sng. If you want to, after that you can File>Export>Song and you’ll have the edited .sng file available for sharing/archiving, etc.