Sample live video with BB

So my wife and I have been playing as an acoustic duo for about 5 years now and since lockdowns etc started last year i started to look at how we could incorporate the BB into out gigs. After much learning with programming using the BB Manager, adding bass notes, composing in Cubase and importing etc we are starting to get things where we want them thanks to invaluable help from various people on these forums including @Phil_Flood , @Phil and @persist just to name a few. Thanks guys.

So anyway, we started looking at making our own promo video so did some test shooting and recording and this video is a result of that. The drumset I’m using is a somewhat hybrid compilation of various kits i’ve played with along the way. I then panned the bass and drumkit using Cubase to i could run them into the mixer separately. We are running into a Behringer XR18 digital mixer and multi-tracked straight into the controlling iPad using Cubasis 2.

I’m still trying to get a drum sound that doesn’t sound like a ‘drum machine’ through the mixer live but no luck yet.

Hope you enjoy and any criticism or tips are always appreciated.


For those wanting some more info, on my pedal board I’m running through a Line6 HX Stomp as I use both acoustic and electric straight to the mixer. There’s a Aeros Loop Studio on there as well. And of course the BB and switch. There is a BOSS EQ pedal as well but this is only if I use my stomp box which I run through that.

Bec’s vocals also run through a TC Helicon Harmony Singer 2 pedal.

For the video we used a Canon SLR camera for the wide shot and 2 x iPhones either side of us for the close ups. Unfortunately we forgot to put the phones set for portrait and that’s why they are cropped in so much. As I said it was a test so that will be corrected next time.

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This sounds excellent - did you program the entire drum loops yourself … very natural sounding … brilliant job :+1:

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Yeah. This is one that I programmed directly in the BB Manager. Definitely takes a while on there. :crazy_face:

Glad you like it.

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Wow - top job - I’m desperately waiting for the Autopilot feature to drop to create “live” loops myself :grinning:

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This sounds very nice, natural and realistic. Great job to all 3 of you. Your drummer, Bec and you :hugs:.

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Neil - I think it sounds great. I tried to do my midi editing in Logic Pro X but when I imported into BB manager my midi was all over the board. I suppose I could take my midi drums in Logic and convert to a wave file and then import into BB manager and just use the foot switch (like the crash cymbal .wave files). However, I have been editing the midi files in BB manager but it is not very user friend. I seem to do more tap dancing then playing for the changes. Very time consuming. Any advice? thanks Dr.360

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The key is matching MIDI numbers between the DAW you’re using (in this case Logic Pro X) and the drumset you’re using for the BB. I’ve narrowed my kit down to the drums I use. Kick, snare, 3 toms, rimshot, 2 crash cymbals, hi hat closed, hi hat open and ride cymbal. I’ve changed the MIDI numbers for these to match the output from Cubase (the DAW I use) so when I compile in Cubase and import the MIDI they match exactly with the drumset I’m using in the BB Manager. It is much quicker to compile in a DAW as you can cut, paste, edit etc easily and then import across to the BBM. You’ll learn with time how the BB acts with MIDI and what you need to do to make it work for you. You’ll get there! :+1:

This is great!!

man I am hoping to get the point where I can make my own beats with bass. This is all so complicated to me: not being midi, BB manager and DAW tech savvy. But I think I know just enough to where I will get there eventually (with some help from the folks on this forum)

@Neil_McCann how do you like the acoustisonic? Do you use the electric sounds when playing other tunes? Not sure what’s on your set list but it would be nice to utilize the electric sound on a non acoustic tune? curious to see how players take advantage of having the electric and acoustic options?

Yep, just have to keep working on it. Once it clicks and you understand it then away it goes.

As for the Acoustisonic, I don’t do a lot with the ‘electric’ setting as I do play a Gretsch electric so would normally use that. I suffer from arthritis and carpal tunnel so I find the Fender is a little easier to play for me than my Cole Clark acoustics.