Sample quality

Hello everyone I am writing because I have a problem with the sound quality of my beatbuddy amplified once on stage I find no super quality comparré a min old BOSS DR800 … I find treble for hi hat example stifled the missing bass amplified filtered my box does not even capture the low mids that are present on my speakers , the strikes are not !
you have a solution or advice to improve the quality or where I can download even by paying wave samples of similar quality to the DR 800 for example thank you all

Perhaps you could sample the DR800 yourself - this would make the BeatBuddy sound exactly the same! I recommend the free software Audacity to record and edit the sounds into one-drum WAV files:

ok , thank you … how can save samples? Audio sound card with this is it ?
it’ll be the same quality?

To do this, you will first need to record WAVs of each drum sound from the DR800 onto your computer (without the BeatBuddy). Then, import those WAV files into a BeatBuddy drumset using BBManager’s Drum Maker functionality.

Information on how to do this is here:

There are also videos about creating new drum sets for the DR800 here:

The BeatBuddy Drum Maker software manual is near the bottom of the page here:

Personally I find the BeatBuddy sounds to be of excellent quality. I listened to some drum sounds from a DR800 video, and in my personal opinion, I did not like the DR800’s sounds as much as the BeatBuddy’s. Perhaps you simply prefer the sounds in the DR800 - in that case, recording the DR800’s sounds to your computer, then importing them into the BeatBuddy, will probably be the best solution.

Good luck,