Sara Smile - OPBK + a 'bonus track' [UPDATED 8FEB24]

I found a couple of chords that needed attention plus the intro tab was awkward. While I was at it I made two versions – the ‘a’ version sets piano an octave higher than the other. You can try both versions with the original Bose Jazz Trio as well as the Yamaha LP.

Yamaha LP is a Phil Flood kit built using a Yamaha piano with extended range when we were discussing ways to improve BB non-percussive parts (bass and piano).

While BB will never perform like a hardware synth with plugins his kits reflect an understanding of BB possibilities if you choose the parts to apply it to well.

A song I’ve always wanted to work out. After working up nearly 500 songs over the years most of which don’t get played live. Those that do can fall out of rotation only to resurface way later making it easy to forget what goes where in a song. I try to draw up the cheat sheet with clues for vocal timing and some useful chord voicings.

  • A few of the Bass/Keys kits should work. Yamaha LP is on the Drum Kit forum section.
  • PDF indicates some possible chord voicings and a ‘useful’ intro tab to get started. I always condense cheat sheets to a single page to display on the iPad for live play.
  • Structure - I inserted a solo section after the 2nd verse played over the verse chords as noted going to an interlude to begin the Outro.
  • Audio ‘bonus track’ (LUFS-I = ~ -16dB) and BB at 100% are matched in output volume allowing me to set the mixer to 0dB for both.
  • MIDI file included

The ‘bonus track’ included is audio rendered from my DAW (REAPER) using plugins. The DAW is part of the process of course to create the BB.sng - adjusting the MIDI map and sometimes trimming or moving parts as needed to fit the BB kit.

Although the majority of our live backing parts are performed with BB I use audio live occasionally instead of BB when it’s A) either more convenient for performing (instead of doing footwork which may complicate singing/playing) and B) if the non-percussive parts sound better. @Phil_Flood pointed out to me that BB was never designed to handle non-percussive parts like a hardware synth does so for instance piano notes can sound truncated, bass can produce on/off note clicks, etc. Many times when played ‘in context’ with vocals and other parts the clicks aren’t noticeable. I sometimes lengthen or otherwise change the keys notes if they sound abrupt and don’t fit the rhythm.

Insurance is the added benefit having two replicate backing sources – audio and BB – in case something fails when performing.

Sara Smile (61.2 MB)

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