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I use the Aeros as a sketch pad since the loop limit is around 2:30. I’d tend to make a base drum loop and save it then I put a track or two over it to practice over and such and if I want to keep that “song” I change the name of it and save it.

I’d really like the option to “save as” in that when I change the name it makes a new copy with that name and the old one still exists under the old name.

As it is now, changing the name saves the song as-is and overwrites the old song and I have to recreate the base track again.

Also, how about being able to copy songs in the song list? like making one base track then making copies so I can record variations without having to create brand new tracks each time.


Hey there, this is a really good idea, we will add it to our dev list, as of right now the Aeros does not have a copy feature, but we will look into implementing it in the future! Thank you for your input!



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What about the time limitation?

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I hope they bump it up to at least 10 minutes… if not unlimited ( at least limited to the size of the space on the sd card).

There must be some kind of buffer limitation they’re having to work with. Most other loopers have about a 5min limit that I’m aware of. Which is still limiting for my purposes.

We do plan on making it longer!

We will consider this, the only thing is, the way the Aeros uses it’s memory, a project will always be on the Aeros’s internal memory while it is being worked on, and then is transferred back to SD once changes saved. That would make “unlimited” loop recording dependent on the internal memory. I can see what R&D say about this, but be sure that it will eventually be a longer indiv loop recording time.


Just a “save as” dialogue would be incredibly useful… it would keep me from having to go back and create the base tracks and still allow me to keep the iteration I want to save. Right now it’s either/or.

I definitely see the benefits, it is not a priority at the moment, but we do plan on finding solutions for this.

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Please add me to the list of users who would like this feature added.

As a new user, when I finally get something I like recorded, I want to be able to protect it by saving it to another file name. This gives me the freedom to “goof around” with the loop without worrying about messing it up.

It also would allow me to create a library of BASE Loops that I could regularly build off of in different ways.

The “Save As” feature has a lot of uses and is one I would also like to see it in the future.

I just had a thought - after reading through the manual.

Is it possible to . . . .

1.) Save the song I’m working on to an SD card in the Areos.
2.) Remove the SD card (with the saved song) from the Areos.
3.) Insert that card into my computer.
4.) Copy and rename the folder with the saved song (but a different name) using Windows File Manager.
5.) Reinsert the SD card into the Areos
6.) See and use the newly copied song on the Areos

I want to experiment with this, but as a new user, I don’t want to Goof anything up on my new Areos.

Yes it works , no any problem !

Thank you - Your reply is greatly appreciated. :+1:

ALSO - Awesome that I can do this. It’s going to make my life a lot easier.

Take care about:
If you copy and paste a song calling " The paste"
and you change the name to “The paste 2”
When you select and launch " The paste 2"
The looper gonna launch “The paste” (I think because the meta data is still the same)
But if you delete “The paste” than you can launch “The paste 2”

Interesting - I’ll watch for this.

Hi, is the "Save as " function implemented yet ?

This would be very useful to sketch different new ideas from a same starting point.

This will be available very soon, the code is ready in a later version, soon 4.3.x will be out in beta and this will be in the version after

While we did not directly create a Save As feature, we have now added a Copy feature which works nearly as well

One thing to note is that copying the song will only copy saved progress, not any unsaved progress. We suggest making copies as you save to create in progress versions of your files.

This feature can be found on 5.0.x!

I will for this reason tag this as #implemented even though it is not exactly what was requested, it satiates a lot of the requests needs

Thanks for all the feedback!

I will also point out that the loop limit is now way more than 2:30 per part as OP posted, and has been since version 4.0.x

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This is a fantastic update and I can’t thank you all enough for continuing with improvements!
Great job everyone!!

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:tada: :tada: :tada: