Save different pedal settings per song

Since different covers require different loop juggling on my Pigtronix Infinity (or whatever looper you are using beyond a single track one)

For instance, doing a cover of “Time” by Pink Floyd (using the beat from the premium pack) I think the ideal BeatBuddy MIDI OUT settings are Start - Disable and Next Part - Enable, that way I can use my two looper tracks for the two chord progressions from the main chunk of the song and also save them on the Infinity in a preset slot.

Other songs, tho, I’ll definitely want Start enabled or Next Part disabled or some other combination of settings y’know?

I guess the hardest part of implementing it would probably just be figuring out how to add it to the GUI/controls?

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Hey there, this is a very advanced feature, we will definitely consider it, thank you for your input!

particularly lately i find myself wanting to be able to save External Footswitch settings the most. finding myself wanting some combination of double / half / pause / probably something else i forgot, on each different song. :slight_smile:

When we revisit this we’ll consider that thanks you for the feedback!