Save it for Later-English Beat

Anyone have this happy little summer time Save it for Later by the English Beat?

Really, I would just need the simple groove that can play through the whole song

Try the pop6 at 130 bpm

Thank you for the suggestion.
I was hoping to have a bass line with it…

It never hurts to let the forum know exactly what you’re looking for; e.g., the wording of your request implies a beat (drums). In this case what you were looking for was probably an OPB version of the song?

BTW, as simple as the song is with just 3 chords, it’s tough to find a MIDI source file for this song.

Sure. Thanks for the feedback.

What I would be looking for is an drum groove with a bass track on it. It can be the same beat/bass track for 16 bars and would just loop.

Similar to what Persist posted for Move on Up.

I think. Now I’m wondering if I just shortened part of the above track.

I was able to add a simple bass line to the drum beat suggested. Here it is:
Save_It_For_Later.sng (3.2 KB)

I’m using the Rock with Bass kit but most sound just fine.

Interesting to me, who knows about anyone else, the lag I have in Reaper makes it tough to for me to add bass tracks “live”. So I download some app, recorded it, saved it a midi and then just did some rework with the timing. It worked ok. If anyone knows of an ios app that has a metronome and records to midi, give me a suggestion!