Save Operation Fail!

Hello. I have (twice now) lost hours of work due to a save failure. Wondering if a bug or operator error. Heres the full scoop!
I have now lost 2 songs to this Fail. I diligently save after every new track is complete and save one last time before shutting everything down for the night. In the morning the error message I get is. “Metafile could not be updated” and in the song list there is an “F” next to title. I am saving (well, trying to) to internal memory and after it’s complete I don’t get any sort of warning message that it didn’t take. I always use 6x6 but never more than two tracks saved (I need the parts more than the tracks) and the length of tracks are all under 1 minute in length. And yes every bit of equipment I have is with the latest firmware and I’m only at 11% memory useage.
One thing that just occurred to me, due to the somewhat finnicky nature of ss products…
My aeros along with everything else is on a power strip and so I do not use it’s switch to power on or off. I am going to try powering on and off with it’s switch instead and see if that affects matters.
Any advice appreciated.

Hi there,

Please write to with your issue so they can help you troubleshoot the problem.

Thanks for reporting!

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