Save page state

Hello, there
I do everything in custom mode. On one page I control the parts and tracks of my songs and on another page I have assigned 5 switches, each with an effect device. On these two pages, one button serves as a redirect. This allows me to switch back and forth between the control page and the effects page at any time. As mentioned above, an effect device is assigned to a button on the effect page, whereby I toggel for add or remove an effect. This all works wonderfully except when I leave the effects page and come back later, for example to switch off a previously switched on delay. The effect page has then forgotten that the delay switch was previously used to activate it and offers to activate it again instead of deactivating it. Obviously, Mestro forgets the state of a page when it switches to another page and always offers the same initial configuration when returning to the page, even though this makes no sense.
Is there a way to configure Mestro so that when it returns to a page it offers the state as it was when it left the page before?

If this cannot be configured: Is there a way out or could such a configuration option be programmed?

This would make handling a song much easier.

Thank you very much


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