save songs to sd-card

Hi everybody,
how can I save selvemade songs to the sd-card in my beatbuddy?

I copied the whole content of the sd-card to my PC, made some new songs with midi-files and can see and use them in the beatbuddy manager. But how can I save them to the bb-pedal, so I can use them with the pedal?
Do I have to export them? Do I have to rename them?
Why are there folders named “songs” on the sd-card, in the default-Lib AND in the user_lib? This is totally confusing.

Welcome Fribuschl.

The BeatBuddy is a system and everything that you want on the pedal must go thru the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)

  • do not use your computer operating system to move songs, folders or drum sets to or from the SD card
  • read the user manual and view the video tutorials if you have not done so already
  • make sure you’ve set your workspace location in the BBM
  • insert your SD card into your computer
  • make the project you have open is in your workspace location—NOT your SD card
  • using the BBM menu File > Export Project to SD card; when prompted, let it Sync Projects to the SD card
  • once you’ve synched your project to your SD card you can use the BBM menu to sync in the future

You do not have to rename the songs.
As to your last question, that’s the file and folder structure for the BeatBuddy; you’ll get used to it.