Saving as new song name loses both

Keep running into an issue where I work on a song file and then attempt to save as a different song name. It saves as the new name but overwrites the original. Firstly, I wish I could “save as” as opposed to just saving the original file with a new name.

Aside from that, if the Aeros is turned off and back on, the newly saved file opens up and is empty and the original is gone but there is a file with a blank name available but it hangs on the loading screen when attempting to opening that one.

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Could I ask, what is the exact name of the song file? Using certain text has caused a similar bug before. Thank you.

I think it was something like:
PM Lines 1_A 1~4

The tilde ~ may or not be causing an issue.

I’ll try it without and see what happens.

Saving ok without the tilde… but a “>” results in a non-save even though it acts like it saves it.

Probably best not to use special characters. I don’t know if that includes hyphens or parentheses but I would not use those either until the developers provide an update.

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And also thinking back upon the collective experience of BeatBuddy users, I’d also recommend not using periods “.” in song names.

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Yes definitely avoid “.” and really any other special characters for now.

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