Saving Bits & Pieces of MIDI Patterns from Full Songs in Reaper

I have a pretty large collection of MIDI songs that I wanted to be able to extract drum pattern data from and create shorter snippets of patterns to import into BBM. My main DAW is Reaper and tonight I found some information to allow me to do this fairly easily.
Basically using ‘Insert’ > ‘Media File’, I select the MIDI song file I want and bring it into Reaper expanding all the tracks out. Click on the tracks to select the track(s) that contain the drums (CTRL-Click to select multiple tracks). I play the MIDI file (soloing the drums or muting other instruments may help) and find a section of drums that I like and ‘Select’ those bars. Once selected go to ‘File’ > ‘Export Project MIDI’ with ‘Selected Items Only’ ticked as shown in the attached screenshot. Once exported go to the file and rename it.


This is similar to how I do my OPB songs.