I still cant seem to save the settings I used on my fooswitch ,each time I use it after syncing and exporting new songs it loses settings Ive made and I have to reset it ,its not such a big thing but a little annoying to have to reset to my setting everytime I plug footswitch in

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You need to put your card in the computer after having all your settings how you want themā€¦ Instead of opening the project from the computer, import the project from your pedalā€¦ Then add songs and save the project / synchronize back to your card.

Obviously, if you change your pedal settings later, you would have to do the same thing againā€¦

It will recommend saving it on the computerā€¦ But I believe it just imports it into the Managerā€¦

There is no import project ā€¦put card in computer yes ā€¦instead of opening project from computer?import project from foot pedal ā€¦Im lost

Ps I think Iā€™ve finally figured it out

I couldnā€™t figure it out; very irritating.
But, i did find a way to beat the system. Set your Pedal settings, remove SD card and put into your PC/Mac. Next, open the SD card in the ā€˜Explorer/Finderā€™ and look for the PARAMS folder. Copy it to a backup folder on your local PC/Mac.
Then each time you do anything in BB Manager and export back to your SD card. Copy your PARAMS backup that you made earlier back on the SD card (overwrite the PARAMS folder.)

Also, this way you could, if you chose to, make different PARAMS settings backups.

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