Saving New Tempo Speed

Hey there - I’m new to the BeatBuddy scene and love it so far. What I’ve tried to do is program individual songs, connect via midi and then play them out live. I’ve been estimating the right tempo. Sometimes, when we play live, I’ll need to speed up/slow down the tempo which I do on the knob. No problem with any of this.

My question is, if I change the tempo for an individual song, is there a way to save it on the SD card so when it syncs to the Beat Buddy manager on the computer, the correct tempo is there?

The work around that I do is just write the corrected tempo on a note and update the computer and resync. I didn’t know if the sync process went from the SD card to the CPU.

Thanks for any help!

Great question that’s not really covered in the user guide. To the best of my knowledge, the system syncs the majority of data in one direction–from the BBM to the pedal. But it also appears to copy the remote foot switch pedal settings from the pedal to the BBM workspace but this file is an invisible file. Maybe @support can fill us in.

If you set the desired tempo to the song and then hold down the Tempo knob, you will set the default tempo for that song. When connecting it to the computer and then synchronizing the SD card with the BBManager, it applies that change in the BBManager.

@Bootsy Try that out, let us know if it works for you.

It worked! Just tried it out. Thank you so much.