Saving project issue

it’s my first post in this forum. I’m from Italy and I bought a Beatbuddy drum machine a week ago.
I’ve spent so much time to practice with the BBmanager functions but there has to be something I can’t understand…

  1. I installed the 1.52 version on a HP notebook with Windows 7 home edition and I succeded in creating a new song. After several tests, I transfered the main project with this song in the pedal and tried to re-transfer the entire project on a desktop pc with Windows XP to create other songs, but the BBmanager doesn’t save the work. When I create a new song, save the project, close the BBmanager and open again it, the project does not keep the new song I created… why?
  2. When I open the BBmanager a message is displayed that invites me to download and install the new 1.60 version with the MIDI editor, but when It finishes downloading, the application crashes without keeping the update.

Can anyone help me?

Ok, maybe there an answer to the first question …
As it seems BBmanager for WinXP does not accept names with special characters for the names of songs …
I have created a song calling it “Louie, Louie” and it seems that the comma does not allow saving the song. Without “,” the song is stored

Hi and welcome, Cosmorama. BeatBuddy does not presently recognize special characters such as commas.

I think there is still support for Windows XP but I don’t know if it includes the latest versions. The BeatBuddy Help Desk should be able to help you

Thanks persist.

How can I contact the help desk to know if the new BBmanager 1.60 version will be suitable for WinXp?

Jay at the help desk usually follows this forum but you can e-mail him at <>

Hi @Cosmorama .

We currently do not have any official versions of the BBManager that supports Windows XP. There is an unsupported version, as you can see in the post @persist linked above, but it doesn’t include any of the latest features or bug fixes. Our current official version of the BeatBuddy Manager supports Windows Vista and above. We do not have any current plans to make any official versions of the software for XP, and if it does happen, it will be a long while since we are currently investing most of our time developing a really cool (and much better) BBManager than the one we have now. :slight_smile:

Since you have a laptop with Windows 7, I suggest that you just use that one. It will be a lot more stable, and you will be able to benefit from all of our updates.