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When I went to save a project for the first time and load a new one I couldnt find where the old one went.I also think I opened the new project without saving the last.Therefore I just want to ask how to go about saving project.Before I go ahead and make the new project what do I do? do I go ‘save project as’ and make a folder on my computer in say downloads and save it there.Do I also do the same with SD card or is that not necessary as what on the manager project that Im saving /backing up is on card.Then after Ive saved project I make new one if there is a folder on the previous project/projects that Ive backed up I want to put on new one what do I do?Is there a relevant video tutorial you can link me to?
phew that was rather long winded I know but sometimes its the simple things that are hard to find a tutorial on.Thanx for your time.

  • Start by making sure you set up the BBM correctly:
    • briefly review BBM menu Help > Getting Started
    • find your bbworkspace folder; it should be located in your Documents folder (this is where your projects should be saved to)
    • from BBM menu Tools > Set Workspace Location (navigate to your bbworkspace folder)

If you had made any changes or edits to your “old” project, it would have prompted you to save it before trying to create a new one. Your “old” project is probably still in your bbworkspace (or wherever you were saving your BBM files). You can use Spotlight or Explorer to find that project when you need it. By hovering over Project Explorer in the left pane of BBM, you can see the path to your “old” project; depending on the version of BBM, you can also click on Project Explorer - Old.bbp and it will take you to your project location

There are several ways to save a project and create a new one but this is what works for me:

  • From BBM menu File > Save Project; if you have not previously Sync’d to your SD card, BBM > File > Export Project to SD Card; and follow the prompts to Sync to your card. If you’ve previously Sync’d your project to your card, BBM > File > Synchronize Project
  • If you want to reuse your existing project as a starting point for your “new” project, BBM > File > Save Project As (and navigate to your bbworkspace folder);
  • if you want to start a new project from scratch, BBM > File > New Project (and name it)


  • while there’s nothing wrong with creating new projects, you should give some thought as to why you’re doing so. It’s much easier to create new folders within an existing project for ongoing work or setlists.
  • you should get in the habit of saving your work frequently to your computer—never to your SD card.
  • link to video tutorials:
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thanx so much for taking the time and effort to explain that clearly ,I got alot out of that many thanks