Saving Song but Losing the loops

Hi there,

Does the saving song functionality also save the loops that i have created?

For example: 2x2, bass line on Track 1, A section, bass line on Track 1, B section.

I wanted to load the song with the bass lines already saved, so i tried to save the song with them. Then I loaded another song and when I loaded back the one with the bass lines, the audio was gonne.

Let me know if this is a functionality, it doesn’t seem to work but it would be amazing and make a hell of a difference.

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Hi there,

you’re saying the songs are disappearing after you hit the save icon? Do you have an SD connected or are you using the Aeros internal memory? Also, if you could please let me know what firmware you are using that would be helpful!

Thank you

Hi Brennan,

I’m using firmware 3.0.xxxx. and Aeros Internal Memory.
The song saves, but the audio within the song doesn’t (loops that I create on the spot).


That’s abnormal, @BeatBuddy_Support may be better help here,

Just to clarify you mean 3.0.0 not 3.1.3 correct?

@ValterLima Please send me a video of exactly what you are doing to - I’d like to see exactly what is happening on your end. Thank you.

Hi there,

Good news is that I tried to replicate the steps I took and it saved the loops. In both 6x6 and 2x2 mode.
If it happens again I will let you know, i don’t know what happened before but it seems all ok.

thank you for your quick and thoughtful replies.

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Hi there,

I think I found the issue.
I can’t do a video now, I will quickly explain my steps.


  • Record loops on song A
  • Save song. (loops are recorded, even if i load another song it’s all good, they stay there, all good so far.)
  • Delete all loops, exit the song without saving.
  • Load song B.
  • Load song A again. Loops are deleted. In my opinion, they should still be there, the song shouldn’t be erased because I erased the loops. Maybe I needed to erase the loops that one time and now the ones I saved are all gone. I can work around it, load another song, without any loop but it would definitely be more practical if the looper would still give us to the option to save after deleting the loops. So, the loops would only be deleted if I save the song after deleting them. I hope this makes sense.

Kind Regards,

Hey there again,

Sorry for the delayed response here.

We will not be changing this behavior because we believe “deleting” the song should be a final choice that deletes all files in that saved song. What you probably would like more is a save as feature, which is something we hope to incorporate eventually. You can currently work around to Save As by saving the song, and after recording the unwanted portion, just open another song and reopen the original saved song. This will revert to last saved.

Let me know if ther’s anything else we can help you with here.

Thanks for your feedback!