saving songs to a favorites folder

Please forgive this post as I’m sure it has already been covered at some point, but I’m totally blind and have never been able to actually read the manual. Just bought this pedal and been able to fumble my way through checking out the various songs, and figured out how to save tempo and drum set changes, but hoping someone can explain the steps to saving a handful of songs/patterns into a favorites so can more easily bring them up in a gig type situation. Generally speaking, this pedal is very logical in its setup so haven’t really needed manual til this point, but have found that some users can explain better than the manual anyway. Can already tell that this is going to be a very valuable tool. Also, if someone might clarify, is there something in settings for being able to drop the count off measure at beginning of songs? could see how that could be a problem eventually. Much thanks and again sincerest apologies for asking about something that is obviously very simple to the rest of you. All the best from “Orlando, Fl.”

Hi, David. Hope this answers your questions:

  • Using the BeatBuddy Manager, create a new folder. From the menu Songs > New Folder
  • Click on the New Folder in the left pane of the BeatBuddy Manager and you should be able to name it Favorites or whatever
  • you can then drag and drop a song or a pattern from another folder to this new folder. Just beware that you are moving the song or pattern from it’s original location
  • You can import or create new songs to that new folder as well—just click on your new folder before you import or create the song

For your second question, you can disable the Count In Intro on the pedal from the settings menu

  • Main Pedal > Intro > None

Greatly appreciate the help on those two questions. I did go to users page and get newest BB manager. Will this work on win 7 and if not, is there a manager that will work with win 7. pretty sure my speech setup will read it but thinking perhaps this is only good for win 10 or something. so close yet so far. thanks again. Dave

The BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) should work with Windows 7. I always say this holding my breath, though. ;- )

Let us know if it doesn’t.

First time I do that, I was a little confused, because there is a little “+” while draging, witch normaly means “make a copy”. Would be nice if you’ll correct that in a future version. Until then, we have to export and import to make a copy. Not a big thing, but nice to know.