Saving/storing pre-made beats in the BeatBuddy Pedal

Hello BeatBuddy users-

I am interested in buying a BeatBuddy pedal for live recording. One question I have is can you create and store a set list’s worth of beats in pedal for quick access on stage? I would like to have near instant access to beats I had worked out ahead of time instead of having to create them on stage, or wade through a lengthy menu to make one. I am pretty sure this is possible with the pedal, but I wanted to be 100% sure before I shelled out the 250 bucks to buy one.


You can create, store and organize your set list of up to 99 songs per folder. If you have the remote foot switch you can configure it to move forward and backward within the folder. You don’t have to wade through a bunch of menus or sub-menus.

If you haven’t downloaded the BeatBuddy Manager, give it a try.


Go for it montecristo buy one now.You can do all that and more Set up you set list folder in order and scroll through back and forward with external footswitch which is a must if you get the pedal itself.I have 4 different folders each folder has same songs but slightly different arrangements and drumkits according to venue and label folders accordingly Cafe Set list where I would use percussive kit or 80’s or ballad kit, I have another Folder I call Percussive Set List where I use only Percussion kit
and another Folder called 80’s Set List where I use Roland 909 kit which i dowloaded from forum user.My fav drum kit however is the Vintage Ludwig.This pedal is truely amazing.