Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain (Segmented + Jam + OPBk ) 2018-04-08 - Grateful Dead

Zip contains four songs. All of which use Santana Piano & Organ.

The four songs/versions are:

-Scarlet Begonias>Fire on the Mountain: I made this so that they would transition into one another (as one long song). It is segmented with “jam” sections. I, partly, just made up some organ parts for Fire, as well as, two jam sections with alterations to the bass line and organ as, otherwise, it would get repetitive. I, also, made it so that Fire transitions back into the outro of Scarlet, but did not put this as the “outro” in BBM so it could looped if wanted.

-Fire on the Mountain: Two versions, one with the Scarlet Begonias outro and one without. I went ahead and rearranged both of these as OPBk songs since some people may prefer it this way.

-Scarlet Begonias: Left this one segmented so there would be a dedicated jam section.

Download Here