Scott Grove's Beat Buddy Review . . .


Thanks Scott for posting this. I watch all of your videos when I get a chance. You look great by the way in a shirt & Tie and you didn’t cuss. Wow! Great! Anyway, thanks again and I already own the Beat Buddy and writing my own tracks as I want them. Still at guitar playing for 60+ years everyday. I put in about 5 hours a day on guitar and have done that for years. I still have my 1966 Tele that I bought brand new way back when. Refinished it several times and umpteen necks changed out. Thanks for the nice review and I will be looking for your posts on the stuff you put together. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Scott had to appear in court, that’s why the shirt and tie.


Is there a step by step way to down load beats from the forum. I was looking for a basic Casey Jones beat. Any ideas?

Start by watching my tutorial videos.