Screen fault

Hey there.
I have noticed a thin white line down my screen?
Anyone had this and is it on its way out?
Thanks Ronny

Not sure if it’s an indicator of anything other than that your pedal display is aging.

Just make sure that you are using the power adaptor that comes with the pedal.

Although I doubt that it will help, you can also update the firmware to version 2.7.

If the display worsens, you can contact Support, for help.

Hmm… It’s been in a cupboard for a few years never giged just home use, thought i’d update 2.7 to and try again with it.

@Ronny_Hughes Can you post a photo?

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Haha just noticed the time signature :rofl:

@Ronny_Hughes Yes, that is a physical issue. If you want, I’ll replace your unit with a new one. Send me an email:

Hey thanks, i’m a guitar repairer amongst other thing, could i install a new screen if you just sent that. gotta be easier?

@Ronny_Hughes No we do not have spare parts like that.

Ok have address to you email.
Thanks Ronny

Top support on this from the BB folks, sent it back and they sent me a new one.
Can’t ask for more really.:sunglasses:
thanks Ronny.