Screen problem

i have a problem with the screen of my BB
it shows me the volume all the time, and the number moves every second
How can i get the normal screen ?
Thanks a lot

  • Disconnect all cables except power cable from BeatBuddy (BB) pedal. Try powering pedal down and then back on to see if that changes the display.
    if not,
  • Download fresh copy of firmware
  • Unzip the file
  • Make sure SD card is unlocked
  • Place SD card in your computer SD slot reader
  • Drag or copy the firmware files to the top level of the card
  • Accept or approve overwriting of files to SD card
  • When complete, eject card from computer
  • With power off on the pedal; insert SD card
  • Power on to pedal and allow it to install or update the firmware

If this does not resolve your screen display problem, please contact Support,